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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

At Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC), inclusion is at the very core of how we live and work. Across our group of companies, we understand the importance of taking thoughtful action to create authentic, measured and meaningful change. When we collaborate and strive for connection, we are stronger together. From cultivating diverse talent and perspectives, to listening to our customers, employees and partners, to helping prioritize the need of equity-deserving communities, we are united in our purpose: to Make Life in Canada Better.

Read the 2023 Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Year in Review and learn about Canadian Tire Corporation’s journey to a culture of belonging.

Stories of Belonging

Throughout Canadian Tire Corporation, employees are the driving force behind our culture of belonging.

Our Vision

At Canadian Tire Corporation, we are on a journey to create a culture where belonging thrives, and diversity, inclusion and equity are infused into everything we do.

Our Strategic Focus Areas

To achieve our vision and drive impact, we are committed to addressing the following priority areas:

Our People

Attract, retain and develop diverse talent: Create training to improve cultural awareness and talent pipelines while providing opportunities for employees to have increased mobility across the organization

Our Culture

Build an inclusive environment: Prioritize employee voices and leverage diversity data to ensure workspaces and practices are welcoming, open, and barrier-free

Our Customers

Reflect all customers: Develop resources, training and messaging that help us better serve and connect with our diverse customers

Our Communities

Make our communities better: Address the barriers and issues that matter most to our communities

Our Framework

Every year, we demonstrate our commitment to inclusion as a core company value by asking thousands of CTC employees to participate in the annual Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Survey and Courageous Conversation sessions. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of the employee experience, we further embed a sense of belonging into our DNA. Together, CTC prioritizes three key drivers in everything we do: diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Diversity Inclusion Belonging Equity Ensuring that people have access to opportunities and resources that meet their needs The representation of the visible and non-visible ways in which people may differ The participation and integration of different perspectives, views, and ideas An environment that fosters individual authenticity and common purpose to unlock engagement and performance

When equitable policies and practices are coupled with a diverse workforce and an inclusive organizational culture, together we can foster belonging and create innovative and impactful spaces.

Our Journey

“CTC is cultivating a more representative, welcoming, and connected culture, and belonging is at the centre of our journey. Belonging ensures that we welcome and seek out diverse voices, incorporate and illuminate new perspectives and actively create accessible and fair opportunities that will unlock potential.

We are working to ensure that everyone feels seen, heard and that they can actively contribute to our purpose to make life in Canada better. While we are in the early stages of our journey, our commitment to progress is unwavering.”

– Letecia Rose, Vice-President, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
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Learning Activities

At CTC, we believe that knowledge is a critical building block to create change. Through an extensive list of events and resources, we strive to educate and raise awareness for crucial diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging issues that impact each community we live and work in. Together, we tackle complex issues by offering the following opportunities to employees:

  • Live events
  • Online learning resources
  • Mandatory Team Training sessions
  • Company-Wide Town Halls
  • Monthly Belonging Bulletin newsletter

As a company, we firmly believe that through understanding and education, employees will gain the tools to change behaviours to become advocates for inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.

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Courageous Conversations

Our Courageous Conversation listening sessions are a safe space for employees to listen, share their experiences and reflect on challenges without fear of judgement or repercussions. To date, thousands of CTC employees have come together to have Courageous Conversations and provided invaluable feedback that informs our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging strategy moving forward.

We use Courageous Conversations in the following ways:

To respond

Provide teams with a safe and dedicated space to come together, heal and take action in response to an internal or societal event.

To engage

To enable discussion

Annual Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Survey

Since 2020, CTC has invited all employees to participate in an annual DIB Survey with the goal of collecting insights and measuring the feeling of belonging across the organization. Administered by a third party, the survey provides crucial insights to better understand and support groups across the company, measure trends over time and compare our ratings against the global retail benchmark.

Courageous Commitment Sessions

Following Courageous Conversations and the annual DIB Survey, people leaders have the opportunity to attend Courageous Commitment Sessions to translate data and dialogue into action. These facilitated workshops:

  • Build team cohesion, support, and momentum by setting DIB goals and working to improve DIB survey scores overall.
  • Enable leaders to share inclusion metrics with teams and co-create tangible solutions.
  • Offer leaders access to coaching and training, as well as workshop facilitation support.
  • Provide opportunities to address inclusion concerns raised by employees, and create a culture of transparency that values employee voices.

Our People

four female hikers hugging and laughing during their hike in the woods

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary employee-led groups that help increase engagement across the organization by building communities among people with shared cultures, identities, and experiences.

These groups are formed by and made up of our employees, and provide a snapshot of the diversity found throughout our organization and the communities we serve. We value their lived experience and expertise and work with them to build programs, products and environments that are more inclusive and representative, while driving business outcomes. We know that supporting and working with our ERGs is vital to building a more inclusive, collaborative, and authentic culture—one where all employees feel seen, heard and that they belong.

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The Asian Canadian Pacific Islander (ACPI) Network: The ACPI Network raises awareness and celebrates ACPI culture, fostering a sense of belonging for our ACPI employees and allowing every aspect of their identity to be seen, heard, and welcomed.

DIB Committee Network

The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee Network connects business resource groups of employees who are embedding diversity, inclusion and belonging practices into our business units and banners at CTC and addressing areas of opportunities that come out of the annual DIB Survey.